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Explore the Netherlands through an authentic and picturesque experience. In Amsterdam, immerse yourself in the city’s cultural vibrancy while discovering charming properties. Rotterdam offers a modern urban experience, punctuated by touches of elegance and authenticity.
Stroll through the fishing villages, where traditional crafts and picturesque charm create an authentic atmosphere. In Delft, immerse yourself in the art of ceramics, discovering exquisite works and workshops. Continue your journey to Volendam, where Dutch cheese takes center stage and becomes a memorable taste experience.


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Visit | Charming properties

Discover charming properties like “Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam” and explore the canals, renowned museums and lively neighborhoods of this captivating city.

Cruise | Amsterdam canals

Enjoy a unique experience as you cruise the canals of Amsterdam, discovering the historic architecture and picturesque atmosphere.

Museum | Artistic History

Explore the artistic history of the Netherlands with a visit to the iconic Rijksmuseum, home to an impressive collection of masterpieces, from Flemish painting to the Dutch Golden Age.

Experience | Ceramics workshop

 In Delft, immerse yourself in the art of ceramics by taking part in a creative workshop. Explore exquisite works, create your own pieces under the guidance of talented craftsmen and take home unique souvenirs.

Exclusive visit | Accompanied by your guide

Discover the city of Rotterdam with your guide! Explore avant-garde neighborhoods, stay in stylish accommodations such as the Mainport Hoteloé, and immerse yourself in the contemporary art scene.

Exclusive tour |  Fishermen’s village

Cycle through small fishermen’s villages, where traditional crafts and picturesque charm create an authentic atmosphere. Enjoy a tasting of Dutch cheese and its emblematic flavors!

Gastronomy | Authentic restaurant

End your stay in style by dining in an authentic Amsterdam restaurant, savoring creative cuisine!